Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inexplicable Continuity


You have stumbled upon the SCOV Legal Blog.   SCOV stands for the Supreme Court of Vermont, a pretentious title that the actual Vermont Supreme Court has never used but one that gives us a vowel for our acronym.  This blog is dedicated to expanding legal scholarship in Vermont by posting summaries of current Vermont Supreme Court cases.  By doing so, we are taking up, in 21st Century manner, the long standing tradition of legal digests with an aim to give practitioners real time summaries of recent Vermont Supreme Court cases. It is our expectation to begin humbly and grow to offer Vermont practitioners and scholars of all geographic stripe a resource that encompasses the state and nature of legal practice in Vermont.  Please keep coming back.  In the next few weeks we intend to offer twice-weekly updates in the form of case summaries and a regular feature entitled The Cultured Barrister.  We look forward to your comments and input.---The Editorial Staff of SCOV  

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