Weekly Update January 15, 2023

I went to law school, not math school Have you ever wondered what the equivalent of an indefinite suspension from the practice of law in Maryland would be in Vermont? SCOV’s January 10, 2023 Entry Order answers this burning question. Respondent was licensed in Maryland and is (well, was) licensed in Vermont. He was suspended from practice in Maryland indefinitely with no apparent path to reinstatement (Maryland’s rules provide for reinstatement no sooner than the time of expiration of the suspension but there’s no end of suspension specified in this case). In Vermont, the equivalent of this kind of indefinite suspension is disbarment. That’s because, SCOV reasons, we only do suspensions up to three years. Once one hits the six-month-suspension threshold, one has to apply to be reinstated. Disbarred attorneys can apply for reinstatement after five years. Thus, an “indefinite” suspension with no timeline specified for potential reinstatement is effectively the same as a Vermont disbarmen

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