Monthly-ish Update: March and April 2021

This is not a SCOV . . . really.  By   Andy Delaney Once again, we have a month-plus of opinions to run through in a haphazard manner. Let's get to it.  No opinions issued the week of April 23, 2021. I know it's a little weird to say "week of" when talking about a Friday, but that's the day the SCOV drops happen and that's what I'm going with.  One decision April 16, and it’s one of those alphabet-soup opinions dealing with the Public Utility Commission’s (PUC) denial of an application for a certificate of public good (CPG) with a homeowner’s association (AHHA) and a country club (MACC) thrown in the mix. This leads to a build-absolutely-nothing- anywhere-near-anything, but especially not-in-my-backyard situation, also known as (AKA) BANANA-NIMBY.       Briefly, applicant sought a CPG for a new solar facility and the PUC denied it, reasoning that the proposed site and an adjoining proposed facility counted as a single “plant” for purposes of the applicatio

Monthly-ish Update: February 2021 +

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Monthly(ish) Update: January 2021

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