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Deuces By  Andy Delaney SCOTUS issued a whopper yesterday and we'll leave it at that.  SCOV’s offering from yesterday is far more mundane. As we all know, jurisdiction matters. No jurisdiction? No case. Here, defendant was tried and convicted. He sent a pro se motion for a new trial to his mom to file but for whatever reason, there’s no paper or electronic trail to show that. One of his pro se motions that was eventually filed was hand-dated by defendant four days after the trial, but SCOV reasons that there’s also nothing to show that’s even close to accurate. Defendant had lawyers representing him the whole time, though there was quite a bit of turnover. There was a lawyer-filed motion for acquittal or a new trial filed in the proper window. Denied. There was also another pro se motion “for mistrial” filed in the same time period. Then we end up with three notices of appeal. Then a later motion ten months-ish after the trial in December 2019. What can I say? It’s a puzzle. Defend

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