The you-must-be-really-bad-at-counting-to-call-this-a-monthly(ish)-update Update

Yes, this picture fits By Andy Delaney I'm slacking on keeping this site updated. It's gone from weekly, to monthly, to pretty-close-to quarterly updates this year. Sure, I'm busy. We all are . . . but I'll strive to do better. Well, actually, let's go with "update the site more frequently." Better would violate the spirit of this blog.     Two opinions this past week, issuing on October 8.  Plaintiff is a correctional-facility resident, presumably not of his own volition. One day, during his required sex-offender-treatment programming, he turned to a fellow inmate and made (according to plaintiff) a wisecrack about "escape" in response to a group leader's question. I have to mention here that were I in plaintiff's DOC-issued slippers, I would likely make the same joke. The joke did not land well. Plaintiff was cuffed, segregated, and booted from the program. He was supposed to get a hearing but didn't. DOC put together a laundry list

Monthly-ish Update: May to Mid-July 2021