Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meet the Men and Women of SCOV Law (and some other bloggers)!!

Greetings Loyal SCOV Law Readers,

As part of the Vermont Bar Association Young Lawyer's Mid-Winter Thaw Event in Montreal, the contributors of SCOV Law have been invited to present on a panel looking at the recent growth of blogs within the Vermont Legal Community.  It looks to be a very cool event with some great members of our every growing blog community coming together to talk.  Here's language from the flyer.  If you are in Montreal this Friday for the Thaw, come up and don't forget to say hi.

The Battle of the Blogs: How New Media and Networking Have Become Vital Parts of How Lawyers Promote Discourse, Legal Information, and Themselves (1 hour CLE).

Within the past five years, legal blogs have become ubiquitous in larger cities, where tech savvy young associates have taken to the internet to discuss legal issues and lifestyle and to gripe about the practice of law.  Vermont has not been far behind as firms have slowly added “blog” elements to their websites.  2010, though, saw a marked growth in blogs, and 2011 could be the “Year of the Blog” for the Vermont Bar.  Yet for their growing popularity, blogging presents many different questions for attorneys.  What type of blog can and should an attorney contribute to or host?  What function does a blog play in our professional careers?  How far can the essentially personal and diary-like nature of the blog be taken?  What makes a blog successful?  Our panelists will discuss the issues that come with blogging about the profession including the benefits, the need to identify your audience, and the risks of posting on-line.  Panelist will discuss the structure of blogs, their personal experiences, and what future bloggers need to consider when starting their own blogs: including setting a workable theme, dealing with public response, and the question of collaboration.

This panel will be featured at the Mid-Winter Thaw on Friday, January 14, at 4 p.m., immediately following, and at the same location as, the Ethics Panel (Drummond, Third Floor). 

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