Thursday, March 3, 2011

Watching the Bloggers

Mike Abadi is a great guy who has a wonderful show on central Vermont's community access television called VtBlogospheretv.  Each month, Mike interviewers a Vermont blogger, and lets him or her tell about themselves.  While the idea sounds a bit like a photo spread entitled The Faces of Radio, it is in practice a fun and informative show that has featured an astounding number of Vermont notables, newsmakers, and interesting figures.  It is well-worth your time and attention.

VtBlogospheretv hit a recent nadir for its 30th episode, for which Mike generously asked the editorial board of SCOV to come by for a chat.  Although this clip does not show it, Mike had to endure a great deal of patter between takes and general monkey business from two people who were far too excited at the chance to be on tv.  Nevertheless, thanks to the power of editing, Mike was able to put together the following that not only did the show credit but made us look smarter than we were that day.  You can watch the clip here.


Dan Richardson

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