Friday, April 8, 2011

Davey Numberlady's Top Ten Outfits That Might Get You Kicked Out of Court

Davey Numberlady is a regular SCOV Law column dedicated to cataloging the small bits of trivia that populate the practice of law.  Today's list focuses on our appearance in court.  Leaving aside the client that comes to court with same outfit they plan to wear mowing the lawn, Attorneys often struggle with their appearance balancing the business casual of the office with the more formal attire expected in court.   Along with the formal manners and rigor of trial practice there is an expectation by judges, clients, jurors, and staff that lawyers will dress like lawyers.  Whether that means white shirt and black suit or some variation is probably fodder for the Cultured Barrister.  Today, Davey offers his own list of don't go theres.  Please add your own in the comment section.

1. Open toed sandals, with/without socks.

2. Nehru jacket, silky vest.

3. Tails and Top Hat

Would you trust this man to make your case?

5. Orange camo Stihl cap

You know nothing says Voire Dire like Git R Done.  

6.  Jorts

How many errors can you spot on this attorney?

7.  Homemade Lawyer Robes (so you and the Judge can be, like, you know, twins).

8. Steampunk
The Country's Foremost Dirigible Law Firm 

10.  "I'm with Stupid (Who has Nevertheless Paid Me a Retainer)" T-Shirt

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