Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Silence Speaks for No One

In re Macero, Esq., 2011 VT 67 (mem.)

Simple story: Defendant was licensed as an attorney in Vermont and Massachusetts.  Defendant ran afoul of something in down south, and Massachusetts suspended her license for one year. 

Vermont, by law will also suspend an attorney’s Vermont license if she is suspended in another state, unless the attorney can show the imposition to be unwarranted. 

Defendant failed to respond to the invitation to defend her Vermont license, and so the SCOV pulls the curtain on her license for an identical year in Vermont.  Any shorter and this decision would be a Haiku.

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  1. Turns out the Massachusetts suspension is a bit more interesting than this decision. Defendant failed to file an appellate fee in a timely manner. Rather than admitting fault, she attempted to alter letters and checks to cover up this delay and blame it on the post office. That backfired in a major way when the Massachusetts disciplinary hearing committee found evidence of this manipulation and caught her red handed in making false representations to the court. The decision reads like a how-not-to manual on responding to such issues. Recommended for fans of legal ethics, newly minted attorneys, and connoisseurs of schadenfreude.