Thursday, August 4, 2011

Indirect Awards and Accolades

Dear Reader(s)

Those of you who follow this blog, probably know that we have a regular cross-posting arrangement with our good friends over at Vermont Digger.  Like the Huffington Post, they take our best material and re-publish it each week for free.

Lucky us!

As regular content providers to them, we at SCOV Law feel somewhat prideful toward our "sister site."  So it is with great joy that we congratulate the Digger and its mastermind, Anne Galloway, for their recent award from Seven Days for Best Vermont Blogger of 2011.

We would, however, like to note, humbly, that this award, Vermont Digger's first "Daysy," came only after it began running our material.


We tend to think not.

More importantly, let me take a moment to address those of you who are representatives from any of the major Vermont newspapers or media outlets:

In tough times, a  Pulitzer or local Emmy can make a newspaper or news station's reputation.  While we make no promises, we believe our content has proven its results.  Ask yourself this, "Can I truly afford not to publish SCOV Law blog entries in my journal of general circulation or feature one of the handsome SCOV Law contributors as a regular commentator, particularly when their prices are so reasonable?"

We tend to think not.

Interested parties should e-mail with proposals and initial deposits.

Hurry before the New York Times makes us sign that exclusivity contract!

---The Staff of SCOV Law

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