Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Davey Numberlady's Top-Ten Funniest Law Videos

Davey Numberlady is a semi-regular SCOV Law column dedicated to cataloging the small bits of trivia that populate the practice of law. Today's list focuses on the most-fun videos having to do with lawyers and law school. There are many humorous videos relating to law out there. Here are ten that Davey loves. Please add your own in the comment section.

10.  This guy seems . . . well, bitter.  It might be funnier if it weren't so sad.  Check out his current website.

9.  This one is a classic.  If you or someone you know is thinking about law school, please make that person watch this video.

8.  "The Negotiator" -- I don't know exactly why, but I've always found this skit quite entertaining.

7.  This isn't a real ad, but it makes for one hell of a spoof.

6.  "Con Luv" This is what happens when law nerds make a hip-hop music video.  It's  . . . disturbing, yet entertaining.

5.  It is every lawyer's secret belief that what we do is exciting and dramatic.  In reality of course, a lawyer action figure would be equipped with a coffee cup, kung-fu-editing pen, and real-time sitting at a desk action.  The lawyers in this video give life to the dream, but their bodies reveal the truth.

4.  This is an example from a subcategory we like to call tool box lawyer videos.  In each one, a harsh-toned middle-aged attorney compares himself to a tool that can pound, pry, or pummel some large corporation.  Just as the Bible used pastoral imagery to reach its mainly agrarian audience, these lawyers seem to be using "The Hammer" to reach out to a working-class audience, or at least one familiar with home-repair.

3.  Another parody commercial.  This is part of a series of "Big A**" commercials usually involving two wildly disconnected services and the discount veneer that will be recognized by anyone forced to watch locally produced daytime commercials prior to the advent of digital video.

2.  There is something refreshing (albeit clearly fake) about this lawyer's willingness to go public with the limitations on his practice.

1.  This is perhaps the most famous of all lawyer videos.  The Monsanto deposition, Texas-style.

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  1. i had watched most of the video ....its really good funniest videos