Monday, December 16, 2013

Sex and the Wild Mushroom

It is that time of year again when all good attorneys head north to big city to enjoy a weekend of network, shopping, and CLEs.

That's right it's time for the annual Young Lawyer's Mid-Winter Thaw in Montreal.  But listen up, there a few things to know about this year's festival in La m├ętropole:

1.  The thaw is a week early this year.  It is January 10th and 11th instead of MLK weekend.  So turn back your clocks, and get your reservations in now (before the reservation window closes and the early bird specials fly south)!

2.  The YLD board has gone out of its way to put together a killer programs of CLEs, including the ever popular real estate seminar from First American Title.  (I know, we lawyers are a dangerous breed).

3.  The brunch speaker is Cardy Raper, lady scientist, biologist extraordinaire, and raconteur par excellence. She is the reason for the title above and has promised to bring the down and dirty on how the fungi get it on.  (Funk music to be provided.)

4.  The Thaw remains the best place for Vermont lawyers both young and old to meet, mix, and mingle.  More than any other VBA event this is the networking opportunity of the year.  But it only works if YOU attend!

5.    $129 rooms per night!!  Ten years ago, rooms for the thaw were $145.  The YLD has not only kept the price down, they have actually negotiated a lower rate.  That means it is actually cheaper now to go to the Thaw than it was ten years ago.  That simply does not happen.  And yet . . . your wallet tells the tale.

6.  The Thaw is at the Sheraton smack dab in the middle of Montreal and a block away from St. Catherine's Street.  The world does not get much better or easier than this.  

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up here and now for the best way to start 2014.


  1. Going to Montreal is considered thawing out?

  2. Despite the sketchy weather for the commute to and fro, it was a great weekend with interesting CLEs, good food, and good company. I'll see you next year!