Sunday, June 15, 2014

Five Hundred! (And One)

Yesterday marked a SCOV Law milestone: five hundred posts! Christopher A. Davis, one of our more-recent additions to the roster, gets the dubious honor of being post number five hundred's author.

As always, we'd like to thank you, our loyal readers, for tolerating and encouraging our shenanigans.  We hope you all keep reading and tell your friends as we muddle our way toward one thousand.  If past experience is any indication, that'll happen in three years and nine months.  

Just a few friendly reminders on this momentous occasion: citing SCOV Law summaries in court documents without further research is malpractice.  Keep SCOV Law out of the reach of pets and small children.  Not to be used as a flotation device.  Do not eat SCOV Law.  Always test SCOV Law in a hidden area before using on entire garment.  Do not use SCOV Law if you are pregnant or nursing.  If ingested, seek immediate medical attention.  Use only as directed.  May cause headache, nausea, or dry mouth.

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