Incarceration Implied

Once, Twice, Three Times a DUI?

Aesthetics Arguments

Development Disagreement

This Litigation Goes to Eleven . . . Days of Trial, That Is

Trees, Trucks, and Trouble

Great Guilt?

Wild Water

Deck, Deck, Use

Bail, Brought Back, Briefly

Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Slut Shaming: Don’t Do It


Duty to Defend

Indemnity, Insurance, Interest, Interest on Interest, and Iffy-ness

Bail, Briefly

Errors: Sometimes They’re Harmless

What We Talk About When We Talk About Due Process

In Burlington, Vermont, Single-Family Dwelling Lot Subdivides You



You Can Keep Your Genes On...

A Question of Character

Domicile Detention Denied

Water, Water Everywhere

Partition Problem

Not Cruel, Not Unusual

Tricky Tacking

Appreciation for Depreciation: Part Deux

Professional Punishment Procedure

Trial Court, Fire Up Your Calculator

Nasty Nominal

Where a Change in use Makes no Difference

Rolling Stone

This is Never Funny

A Little Late to the Party

Give Credit Where It’s Due

Thanks for Nothin'!

Technical Tolling Trouble

Appreciation for Depreciation

A Scrap over Scrap

Once, Twice, Three Times a Prosecution

Total Recall. Or not.

The Return of the Long-Arm

Cursory Colloquy Can't Cut It

The Enigmatic Body Shop

Discretion and Disposition

Testamentary Trust Tussle

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Imply Compliance

Insurance Irritation

Thoughts on Torts, Threats, and Thuggery

Mistrial Mishaps

Termination Woes

Arbitration Agitation

Sentencing Snafu

This Is Really Important

Dollars, Distinction, and Dissent

Counseling and Conditional-Use Review

Verified Violation

Separation Anxiety

Title Fight

Changing The Rules: Can’t Do It

A Little Clarity, Please?

What’s Done Is Done . . .Maybe

Not so fast, New Hampshire!

The “You Snooze, You Lose” Doctrine

Jumping the Gun

DataMaster's "Fatal" Error revived with CTRL-ALT-Delete

Extinction of distinction . . .


Reviewing the unreviewable . . .

The Leave-Behinds

Who’s Your (Well, Anybody’s) Daddy?

Combination Conundrum

Two for the Price of One?

Crisis Averted

Playing by the (Administrative) Rules

Summer Camp Blues

Stepparent Standards Split

If it walks like a duck . . .